Ever since Zahra’s children were very young, she would make them a Ramadan calendar, where they would get a small challenge to solve for every day of the month. For every solved challenge, they would receive a little gift. Zahra wanted to create a Ramadan spirit and tradition at home where her children would grow up with and help them strengthen their foundations as Muslims.

2018 turned out to be quite different! The challenges still had to be educational and based on Islamic teachings, but the concept of the gifts and the format of the challenges had to be changed. There was not much time left till the month of Ramadan either!

Zahra consulted her sisters, Zainab and Zaheda, and together they came up with the idea of Bahlool’s Ramadan Letters. In a nutshell, the idea can be described as follows:

On a daily basis, the children receive an anonymous letter. It contains an educational challenge based on Islamic teachings. The children send their answer, and if they continue with that, they would then receive a gift. It was 5 gifts in total.

During the development of the idea, the sisters considered spreading the idea to more children rather than just Zahra’s; so they too could enjoy the calendar and benefit from it.

The idea became a reality!

Today we are here again with Bahlool’s Ramadan Letters, which we hope bring some quality time to families. We hope that through our letters and exciting interactive stories, parents and children experience together Ramadan’s special spirituality.

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